superstition in gambling

superstition-in-gamblingSuperstition in gambling

Many people believe in the lucky numbers bringing wins. Usually they associate the chosen number with the day of birth or wedding day. Of course there is no mathematical calculation and every spin has the same chance for winning. Very often players dress themselves in a certain way. It can be the clothes from the last winning or from any other luck. Others believe in certain colours helping to win or even in words or actions before the game. Some believe in the sequence of six black numbers and so making bets they look after the tendencies. The roulette wheel has no defects so any tendencies are hardly to be. Very often players make their decision with the first colour caught their eyes that as they think can bring luck. This is why often players chose green even if red or black has more chance for winning.

The strategy Martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies. Using this strategy a player should double the bet after every loss. According to this strategy a player has enough to continue the game and to increase the winning. But in the reality there is no prove that strategy Martingale surely brings the winning on the roulette.

Some players don’t bet on black believing in its unluck, somebody avoids bets on 13, somebody doesn’t touch other players with the shoulder, others don’t count their money during the game. Superstitions help players to be more confident and safe but in a case of a loss there is always something to blame. It is difficult to convince those that superstitions don’t play any role in a game.

The players with the logical and rational approach have more chance for winning than the four-leaf clover. The players are recommended to bet without believing in superstitions, to avoid emotions and opinion of others. Superstitions draw attention from focus and logical decisions, they are not based on mathematics and there is no guaranty that they are reasonable for roulette betting.