Roulette etiquette

Roulette etiquette

For new players roulette games in a live casino can be fast, crazy and frightening. The action there is non-stop and there are some rules it is better to know before sitting around the roulette table. The most important rules of roulette etiquette are to know when to make bets, where to bet and when to wait.

Between every spinning of the wheel you have approximately one minute to make bets. In one minute a dealer will take a ball and spin it in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel. During this time you can make bets. The dealer says “The bets are made” and will signal with the hand. In this moment the ball stops and this is the time when the players stop making bets and don’t touch chips on the table.

When the ball stops on some number, the dealer shows this number and takes away all the lost bets. The dealer also gives the winning bet to a winner. The players are not allowed to take the winning themselves and touch the chips before everyone gets their winning bets.

Below you will find the most famous bets. All the bets on red or black, odd or even, high or low bets can be different. Other bets can be a little bit confusing. Some roulette bets:

Straight Bet: put a chip on a chosen number

Split Bet: make a bet on the line between two numbers

Trio Bet: make a bet on the line in the end row

Four-Number Bet: you put a chip in the middle of four numbers

Five-Number Bet: you make a bet on the side line or with 0, 1 or 00 with 3

Six-Number Bet: you bet in the middle of the side lines and the lines dividing two rows.

Column Bet: you bet on the bottom of every column “2 to 1”

It is necessary to know for players before starting the first roulette game. We recommend to practice on the roulette for beginners.