French Roulette

French Roulette

Even though many people easily confuse European roulette with French roulette, the two games are slightly different. The similarity ends at the fact that both games have the same number of pockets per wheel and a matching house edge of 2.703%. Though the glaring difference could be in the fact that boxes corresponding to pockets on the wheel are in read and the wording is in French, this is negligible compared to the effect of the La Partage rule.

The rule allows all players to benefit from reduced house edge of 1.35% if the ball falls on the zero pocket. In such a scenario, the amount on the table is shared evenly between the house and the player. This means that you will get half the amount you had wagered instead of losing all the money. An additional notable difference that sometimes exists on European roulette tables but is native to French roulette is the additional racetrack betting area.

Other than this, the game makes use of wagers and payoff quite similar to what you would find in European roulette and perhaps other forms of online roulette.

Changed Layouts, Bet Names and Payouts

French roulette has a variety of wagers that vary in complexity and overall payout rates. The rule remains. The higher the payout rate the lower the change of winning in that bet. However, before playing French roulette successfully, you have to familiarize with the new naming conventions and table layout. The following will give you the basic knowledge on the most common naming convention translations and even the probabilities and payouts of the most common roulette bets

French Name | Common Name | Probability | Payout

Premier 12 | 1st Dozen (1-18) | 32.4% | 2:1

Demiere 12 | 3rd Dozen (25-36) | 32.4% | 2:1

Moyenne 12 | 2nd Dozen (13-24) | 32.4% | 2:1

Pair | Even | 48.7% | 1:1

Impair | Odd | 48.7% | 1:1

Manque | low (1-18) | 48.7% | 1:1

Passe | high (19-36) | 48.7% | 1:1

The Racetrack, a Unique and Notable Feature

This section of the table lets players do some group bets across a variety of numbers on the wheel. As you would expect, its three sections are all in French!

A quick translation of each before explaining how the bets in this section work would be good enough to those who cannot read French

Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero): This section of the table lets you place bets on a variety up to 17 numbers with zero inclusive. These are the numbers clustered on the left of the wheel (around the zero pocket). Tiers du Cylindre: This loosely translates to “thirds of the wheel” and covers the section of the wheel exactly opposite “the neighbours of zero.” The last section on the racetrack covers the remaining digits between these two areas, the orphans of the table referred to as Orphelins, which translates to orphans.

To use the racetrack, you have to place group bets. The grouping will vary depending on predetermined rules with the most common being the 5 number bet (6:1 payout). By placing your bet on 1 at the racetrack, you would have covered two numbers to the right and two to the left of the 1 pocket. In this case, you would have placed a pair bet on 14, 20, 1, 33 and 16. However, it is important to note that the bets placed on the racetrack maintain the payouts generated by grouped bets on the table. The feature just serves to simplify the process and ensure that all placed bets are “called” (Money to foot the wager is provided before the spin starts).

The La Partage and En Prison Rules

These rules are offered on some online and on land roulette casino and has the effect of halving the house edge on all even bets. This drops the casinos advantage from the unfavourable 2.7% to a more favourable 1.35%. The rules, however, will only apply on even or odd bets provided the ball lands on 0 (green).

If you are working on the La Partage rule, you will get half of the wagered money back. The en prison rule will however keep your wager available for the next spin and unavailable for withdrawal hence the “prison” name. This is like a cash back reward. You get a chance to play again without using new money and cannot withdraw what is availed for the next spin. However, very few French roulette tables offer these features in the modern day gambling fraternity.

With so many twist and turns, you might be tempted to choose between French roulette and other forms of roulette. To people whom fear learning new things or treading on new ground, the instinct to keep off is understandable. However, the fact that French roulette has the best odds increases your chances of winning. Legend has it that it was the original form of roulette. After all, roulette is a French word meaning “small wheel” that refers to the wheel used in the game. Other than the confusing names here and there, French roulette is a very straightforward name that would not take you ages to learn and master.

Master the names, the rules and get a strategy

Before you can safely play this form of roulette, you have to master the names, the rules of the additional features and come up with a strategy. Since you cannot place bets once the croupier marks out the winning number, making your wagers in time could save you the frustration and embarrassment of always being late. If you already know how to play other forms of roulette, the task will be simpler. However, if you are starting from scratch, you have pay attention to the payout rates sections, the bet types and take some time studying the wheel.

Even though casinos will invest time and money in trying to make their wheels as random as possible, fate has it that a pattern will always exist. Over history, roulette geniuses have used this fact backed up with statistics and probability to come up with a perfect strategy to beating the wheel. You can make your own strategy once you understand the rules and how each of the allowed bets in online roulette works.

With such a variety of new things to learn, French roulette will give you the challenge you need to bring a new breath of life into your gambling life. Moreover, it is a perfect choice to someone interested in making money since it is easy to master and has better odds.