Bodog casino

Bodog casino

If you’re looking for some serious money out of gambling, them Bodog casino is your one-stop site for all your wishes. Originally established and launched by flamboyant entrepreneur Calvin Ayre in the year 1994, Bodog has had a humble beginning, growing from a simple software company to a fully-blown online gambling and lifestyle brand. Today, this site makes one arm of the full gambling service that consists of sports betting, poker and horse racing. So definitely Bodog is a trustworthy site.

Bodog casino roulette games

You might be wondering what kind of roulette games are offered here. Well, there are plenty of options to go along with as far as your taste in roulette games is concerned. Bodog offers 2 options in Roulette games mainly American and European roulette games. Here, everybody gets an equal chance to win.

Roulette is a simple but exciting game to play. Bodog has realized the need for users to have the two types of roulette flavors, which is why they offer both American and European style. The only difference is that the American style offers both single zero and double zero slots on its wheels, while the European style only has a single zero on its wheels.

What the casino offers as a whole

There are plenty of games Bodog casino will give to every gaming enthusiast out there. First, when you visit the site, you’ll notice just how organized it is.

In terms of games you can play instantly, we have Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Tycoons, Slots Angel, Treasure Room among many others. With such a vast array of gaming options to choose, players are guaranteed to find what’s ideal for them. On the top right hand side of the site, you’ll notice a link to the featured game of the week. As per the date of writing this review, Greedy Goblins was the featured game of the week.

Greedy Goblins is an enchanted 3D game that resembles a fairytale. But this is not your average fairytale game to play without a plan as the goblins could steal your loot, so you have to be smarter than them. The game is super-rich in features that every gaming enthusiast of this category will love. This is just one section of the site we found interesting.

Also, Bodog offers Total Jackpot, where players are given the chance to participate in progressive jackpots for their chance to break the ultimate bank. We loved the fact that Gilbert B, one of the recent winners of Caesar’s Empire won a whooping $86,564.00. Just like him, a number of players have won real money here, playing different games offered by the site.

Inside the casino, you’ll also notice that the site runs attractive promotions, where users get to earn up to $75 per chip. Players are rewarded this amount per chip when they get to play their favourite casino game. Such offers can’t be found anywhere in the web, except when you play at Bodog. There’s so much that the site offers when you visit the casino section, so it’s up to you to choose for yourself once you create an account.

What other games does Bodog offer?

If you love betting, why don’t you try the sports section of the site and win real money? This is your chance to try the top 5 sports betting lines, including NHL playoffs-Stanely Cup, FIFA worldcup 2014, National League etc. In terms of poker, Bodog offers zone porker that can be played both on mobile devices and PCs. Players also get a chance to win $100,000 on Sundays when they participate in the Gtd Tournament.

Furthermore, the poker section has what we call ”friends with benefits”. This is real benefits with money, not the kind of benefits we all know about. Here, you’ll recommend a friend to join and deposit some cash, then you’re rewarded $100K for your efforts.

And finally, the Horses section also provides something of interest. This is your chance to contest with fellow horse racers to earn some good money. Again, this is the only horse betting site that could earn you a fortune online.

Bodog promotions

Lastly, everyone is interested in the promotions offered here. Well, Bodog is generous in rewarding you for your hard-earned cash. Go the casino way and instantly earn a welcome reward of $600. Alternatively, players can redeem their bonus code for a chance to explore the casino with $600 earned from chips.

Players are also eligible to earn good money in bonus when they register an account with Bodog or when they simply purchase chips. Free bonus range from $100 to $1000 depending on what you choose to play.

Bodog payment options

Payment options are more than flexible here. Bodog accepts payment from credit cards, Skrill Moneybookers, inter e-Transfer and instant e-check payments. Those are your options so far.


Many people have been skeptic about this site because it appears too promising. However, the fact is, this site is only real when you register an account to play any one of their games. Don’t confuse it with any other scam online because there is enough evidence online about its legitimacy.