American Roulette

American Roulette

In the past few years, playing online casino games has gained stature as one of the most favorable ways to making money online. With the number of people investing both time and funds in online gambling increasing by the day, the need to sharpen your online gambling skills before starting placing wagers for real money becomes more imminent. Learning the basic rules and some tricks on online roulette will not only give you what it takes to play in an online casino but also give you an edge over other online gamblers. Since online roulette is one of the most played online casino games, it would be natural that you started your online gambling career with this game.

Playing the Game

In roulette, there are two main types of bets:

– Outside bets: Also referred to as blue bets, they stretch to cover wide fixed sections of the wheel and have a higher win probability but lower payout rates.

– Inside bets: These are called green bets. They focus on specific numbers on the table hence they are harder to win and come with higher payouts.

While European roulette has a single green pocket (0) and 1 to 36 more, American roulette has an extra green hence its famous Double Zero name and the normal 1 to 36 pockets. Odd numbered slots are colored black while evens are red. The outside bet on odd or even outcome is therefore similar to placing bets on the color of the pocket the ball will fall on.

During game play, players can place whatever bets they please until the caller closes the betting session. This could either before the wheel starts spinning or at some point in its spinning. Once the wheel stops spinning, the dealer places a market on the result before starting making calculations and paying dues. No wager can be placed or withdrawn at this stage.

Bets and payoffs

Each bet in the inside or outside category has its own payoff rates and odds. Learning the specific rates for each bet will help you make accurate conclusions hence playing a critical role in the generation of a tangible online roulette strategy. A good strategy will consequently increase your chances of making money with online roulette games.

Odd/Even bet

Also referred to as the colour bet, it has a 1:1 payout with an occurrence probability of 48.65% in European Roulette and 47.37% in American Roulette. This means that if you place a $5 bet on red and you win, you will get back your wager and its equivalent. Therefore, you will end up with $10. Since European roulette has better chances at getting your bet right, it is always wise to choose it over American Roulette.

The 2:1 (32.43%) Payout Dozen Bet

With this type of bet, players can bet on three distinct sections. Each section has 12 numbers, which are of cause of no interest to a player interested in this bet since all you have to do is settle for a grouping out of the three. Even though the payout rate is higher hence promising you more per win, the probability of striking gold per spin is comparatively lower.

The Column Bet

Like the Dozen bet, this bet has a 2:1 payout. However, this bet differs from the dozen bet in the way it splits the roulette table. While the dozen bet splits it lengthwise, the column bet will split the table into three sections sideways.

6 Number 5:1 Bet

This is one of the toughest and most lucrative bets on the wheel. With a 16.22% payout on the table, this bet could make you rich with a single spin. It allows players to bet on up to six numbers by placing split bets between two number following each other on the table. Due to its complexity, it is a no go zone to many novices and is rarely offered in most regular online casino accounts.

5 Number Bet 

This bet is only available on American Roulette and has a 6:1 payout rate. With a house edge of 7.89, this is undeniably the worst bet in American Roulette. Other bets have an edge of 5.26 percent. American roulette players should by all means avoid this bet.

The 4, 3, 2 and 1 Bets

Like the five and six number bets, these bets lets players bet on a decreasing combination of numbers on the will. As the combination decreases, the possibility of getting the bet right also decreases whilst the payout rates go up. Each of these games have the following rates:

– 4 Number: 8:1

– 3 Number: 11:1

– 2 Number (Split bet): 17:1

– 1 Number (Straight bet): 35:1

The Low High Bet

With a probability of 47.37% in American roulette and a 1:1 (38.65%) payout, this bet split the roulette wheel into two categories: an upper and a lower category. The lower side starts from 1 to 18 with the higher side starting from 19 to 36. With this bet, you can bet on either the upper or the lower numbers making it a typical outside bet.

With each bet placed, you either stand to retain the money wagered and an additional factor determined by the payout rate assuming that you win or losing all your wagered money. For instance, the straight bet, which is the most lucrative yet hard to score bet will give you $5+(5×35)=$180. Though rare, landing such a bet is the dream of many roulette players. Since it is rare, you should only resort to such a bet if you are sure of yourself or can afford to lose your wager.

Since players are allowed to place more than one bets per spin, coming up with a strategy that makes use of multi-bets will increase on the overall profits you get with each spin. These bet stakes and payoffs should be top of the priority list whenever you are coming up with an online roulette strategy.


Online roulette boasts of being one of the most widely played online and offline casino game. The simplicity of the games makes it easy for learners to master and start playing within no time. The trick to standing out of the crowd lies in learning and internalizing the game. Avoid making bets with each spin. Take time to learn the will, calculate the current probabilities before making an informed and more specific bet.